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So I’m told we need an about me page, so here goes:

We are Cindy and Mike, a travel crazy, DIY’in, outdoor loving and newly empty nesting couple! We love spending time together, (good thing in a 60 square foot camper!) In 2014 we bought a 1982 13′ Scamp fiberglass camper to remodel and travel in. We hope to share some of our experiences with you. Some of the good, bad, silly and the really stupid things we do! (There’s been a few.)


As a graphic designer, my career dream was to be an editor for a big magazine. I love a magazine! All the wonderful stories, photos, beautiful typography, designs and layouts. Well there was two problems with that career dream: 1) I would have had to most likely move to New York and I’m just not a big city girl. 2: Another dream presented itself. Mom! Best job I’ve ever had. So 25 years later, two wonderful children starting their own dreams it’s time for me to find a new “something”. I still dream of being an editor of a magazine, still not a big city girl. (Actually, I originally started typing this as we rolled through the acres of Montana with not a town in site! Cow’s but no towns. Oh, and was not driving. Ha) So with all the inspirational and beautiful blogs out there, the magazine’s of the future, I thought I would dip my toes in the blogging water and learn something new! I’m assuming the content will be a little like my head, all over the place! I love making things, whether from fabric, paper, wood or whatever other material presents itself. I love power tools. (Except the grinder. It scares me!!) And I love the great outdoors, camping, backpacking, hiking, biking and kayaking. And of course I love our Tiny Red Caravan, Gypsy Red! A project that probably will take up a lot of space on this blog.

So bear with me as this “something” progresses and I stumble through learning this new technology. Hopefully Tiny Red Caravan will find itself a tiny corner in the big blog world and hopefully I will learn something new and maybe, possibly, inspire you too!


I’m the silent-ish partner, supporter of crazy ideas (Cindy: Let’s buy a used vintage camper!! Me: um, ok), heavy lifter, and grinder operator. (see above.) I’m also the brewery finder and taste tester. I make a mean breakfast sandwich and campground reservations! I’ll be here in the background, popping up every now and then!

We would love to have you join us for our tiny adventures in this big world! Like us on Facebook, see some photos on Instagram and stop by the Easy shop for some handmade goodies!

Happy Trails!


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